The recent ATF raid of an Osage Beach gun shop not only raises questions about the First and Second Amendments but also about individual liberties, in general, which continue to erode.

“We here in the heartland, we understand. There is a constitution and a bill of rights, and those are sacred” says Lake Area State Representative Doctor Lisa Thomas, “Our God given rights….we need to make sure they’re protected, so that we can live our lives.”

Thomas tells KRMS News the raid, one week ago today, of the Skelton Tactical shop should serve as a blatant wake-up call for anyone who has a doubt “I don’t understand what people don’t understand about those four little words there….Shall Not Be Infringed.”

Thomas goes on to say that the country, as a whole, needs to take action by standing together united and making our voices heard in a peaceful way and through the proper channels “We need everybody to wake up, we need everyone to stand up and fight back…..And hopefully we can turn around the things that have happened.”

Thomas was a guest with Guy Wehman on the Ozarks this Morning. Hear their interview below:

      11-15-2021 GUY WITH DR THOMAS - 16th November 2021