It might be a pretty good time to go out and do some fishing here at the lake but, before you do, a couple simple precautions could save your life…that’s according to Captain Bob May from the KRMS “No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show.”

May says, with the water temps dipping, now, into the mid 60’s, the most important step to take is to wear a lifejacket “If you fall out of your boat, this will give you a chance to survive. As the water gets colder, that hypothermia starts setting in and that’s not a good thing. That disables your muscles and your breathing, and normally you’d drown.”

Other suggested precautions include, if your boat is equipped with one, to make sure you have the cut-off switch in place and to let others know what your float plan is…when you are leaving, where you plan to go and when you expect to be back.