People across the Show Me State, and here in the Lake Area, could be looking at some bare pharmacy shelves if they need to go buy some medicine.

Many big stores are low on cough, cold and flu medicines, from Target to Wal-Greens to CVS…the cold and flu isles are looking pretty bare.

 “It doesn’t surprise me one bit, because people get panicky” says Mel Ied, who was heading to the store to get cough drops, “During the winter, especially in the morning, my sinuses start to bother me.”

However when he arrived, there were none.

It’s no surprise as COVID cases, and the flu, are raging across our community.

CVS and Walgreens are well aware of the high demand they are seeing for cold, flu and cough medications.

They’re working to keep their shelves stocked as much as possible, but they are asking for patience from their customers.

Area doctors report that some people are getting both COVID and the flu concurrently, and that if you have symptoms, stay home.