Man Facing Charges For Attempting To Hurt Mother’s Boyfriend Using Peanuts

Crime Local News State News Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

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A St. Joseph man is facing charges after police say he admitted to trying to hurt his mother’s boyfriend with peanuts.

“The victim in this case has a severe peanut allergy” says Camden County Prosecutor Caleb Cunningham, “the defendant hid peanuts in a coffee can, laundry soap and an underwear drawer…with the intention of that victim coming into contact and having a reaction to those peanuts.”

Cunningham tells KRMS News 27-year-old Jacob Andes admitted to putting the peanuts in those places, and he says Andes told investigators he likes to solve problems by hurting people “my office is setting the charge for assault in the first degree, essentially the defendant attempted to cause a serious physical injuries to the reporting party, by planting those peanuts in several locations knowing the party would come in contact with it and had a severe peanut allergy. Because of those situations, we have requested no bond.”

Andes had been arrested earlier this week after police say he kicked in the back door of a neighbor’s house and went inside.

Cunningham also says if Andes is convicted, he’d have to serve at least 85-percent of his sentence, which could be up to 15 years in prison.

Andes Press Release

Crime Local News State News Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

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