It’s 4 years in prison for an Eldon man who prosecutors say admitted that he purposely drove a truck into the Lake Ozark City Hall and an Urgent Care Clinic in Osage Beach last February.

Miller County Prosecuting Attorney R. Benjamin Winfrey tells KRMS news that Jarod A Long was given two four-year sentences – one for each incident at a Wednesday morning proceeding in Miller County Circuit Court.

Long entered guilty pleas to counts of Class E Felony property damage without a negotiated agreement….“That is he  plead guilty to knowingly colliding a truck into the Lake Ozark City hall….and then the Boone County Urgent Care in Osage Beach, MO” says Winfrey, “As a result of his pleas, he was sentenced to a total of 8 years in prison, 4 years on each count. That is the maximum punishment available for the class E Felony of first degree property damage. And those prison sentences were ordered to be executed, and he’s allowed to serve them concurrently. However he will have to serve the sentence as opposed to probation.”

The court also ordered Long to pay $2,000 in restitution to the City of Lake Ozark for damages to City Hall.

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