An alleged carjacker’s been caught.

Camden County Sheriff’s Deputies had been looking to apprehend a 43 Stephen G. Wachholtz since last Thursday when a woman says she offered him a ride from Eugene to Dixon at his request and he assaulted her during the drive and then stole her car.

Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Scott Hines says Pulaski County deputies took Wacholtz into custody without incident in Dixon Tuesday morning...”They were able to locate Mr. Wacholtz at the location we expected him to be hiding. So he is now in custody in Pulaski County, under his warrant. He should be transferred to us soon.”

Hines says the victim’s vehicle was discovered on Sunday, not far from where he allegedly stole it near Richland…“So the vehicle was disabled at some point or another after Mr. Wacholtz took it. Obviously the vehicle was having trouble before hand, that’s the story she told us and that’s the explanation she gave Mr. Wacholtz as to why she couldn’t continue to give him a ride. And that apparently, is what set him off. According to her testimony, according to her statement…that’s when he attacked her and subsequently stole her car. Apparently he didn’t get very far though, my understanding is it was about 3 miles or so is where he made it to until it finally broke down.”

Waccholtz is expected to be quickly transferred to Camden County to face the already issued warrants and possibly additional charges.