Masks Are Top Of Mind For Candidates Running For Camdenton School Board

Local News Politics Friday, April 2nd, 2021

School board candidates for the Camdenton R-III School District have different points of view as we get closer to Election Day next Tuesday.

At a candidate forum in Linn Creek, the subject of mask-mandates in school and mandatory vaccines came up.

“I do not think masks should be mandatory for our students. I think it should be the option for the family, and I think the fact that we currently still have masks on our children in our schools…when many other districts have already walked it back, and the fact we’re still allowing this right now is appalling” says Candidate Gail Griswold, who also indicates she’s against mandating students take the new COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Paula Brown is another candidate for the Camdenton school board “what we have to do as a school board, we have to decide to keep our students safe…so I’d have to say that we should require masks.”

Candidate Brian Butts believes that decision should follow what the area’s recommendations are “my personal position is that the school should mirror whatever standards are current in the community.”

School board member Laura Davis says the decision to require masks wasn’t really the school board’s to begin with “we did it to just kinda back the teachers and the administrators, so yeah…I think it was a good decision.”

The candidates vying for the school board include Gail Griswold, Paula Brown, Brian Butts, Laura Davis and Diane Peck.

Local News Politics Friday, April 2nd, 2021

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