Massive Fire Investigation Underway At Marshfield Propane Facility

Local News State News Friday, May 14th, 2021

Photo Courtesy of Syndney Howe via KY 3 TV

A major fire investigation is now underway after explosions rock the former Pinnacle propane plant in Marshfield, south east of the Lake.

Residents from as far north as Lake of the Ozarks to as far south as Nixa reported seeing the massive cloud of smoke that ended up registering on the National Weather Service radar from its intensity.

Nearly 10,000 small propane tanks were hurled more than 60 feet into the air during the height of the battle.

“We had to hang back, again because of the propane tanks going airborne….flying 100 feet into the air, literally at times, then coming back down….as well as the threat of the fire reaching the 33 thousand gallon propane tank that the fire was very close to” says Marshfield fire chief Michael Taylor.

He tells our news partner KY 3 TV it took them all day and into the night just to get the fire under control “it put us in a situation that we had to kinda back off, protect the other buildings and evacuate the neighborhood in case we lost that other tank. So it actually took us a while to get the fire under control itself.”

Numerous agencies throughout Missouri responded to the scene to help keep the fire from reaching multiple buildings surrounding the plant, including a fire station.

The Missouri Propane Gas Commission and Missouri Fire Marshal’s Office are also helping with the investigation.

Local News State News Friday, May 14th, 2021

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