Medical Marijuana Sales Continue To Rise Across The State

Business Local News State News Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

cannabis leaves and stem
Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash

Medical Marijuana sales around the Lake Area and Missouri are on the rise.

“For two straight weeks, including Friday March 26th, we’ve seen recover cumulative medical cannabis sales (in each case) exceeding $2.4 Million dollars” says Alan Zagier with the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade.

He tells KRMS News Missouri, to date, has seen close to 25-million dollars in medical marijuana sales, and he thinks the numbers will continue to rise “with new dispensaries opening up literally on a daily basis across the State, we have no reason to expect anything but a continued upward trajectory.”

Zagier says even the Lake area should see more Cannabis locations soon “whether it be Camdenton or Osage Beach or some of the other outlying communities, they should have access to ample facilities and ample choices.”

MO CANN TRADE says more than 90-thousand people in Missouri now have state-approved medical cannabis cards and thousands of additional applications are pending.

Voters in Missouri approved medical cannabis in 2018.

Business Local News State News Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

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