The Mid-Mo Ambulance district is writing off some bad debts.

At their most recent meeting, board officials looked over accounts that they believed to be uncollectable and wrote off a total of $41,121 dollars in bad debt.

That includes $20,322 dollars for services given to patients who died and or filed for bankruptcy.

Officials say right now, private insurance companies are not covering supplies used on patient transports and it may mean the district will have to consider raising the base rate to offset the loss in reimbursements.

In addition to the bills, the district also noted that a remounted Unit has been paid for at a cost of $130,653 dollars and should be back in service shortly.

They also noted that in addition to the rising cost of diesel fuel, their fuel additive DEF is also going up in cost.

The ambulance district says they are seeing a daily average of 12 calls per day in the four different regions, of which there were 383 calls for service for May alone.