With mid-term election day now under a month away, a series of three election open houses has been scheduled in Miller County to try answering any questions which may still be lingering from the November-2020 election…“We’re getting calls a lot….about, “Hey the election was stolen…are you going to do a forensic audit?” and other basically off-the-wall kinda stuff.”

County Clerk Clinton Jenkins says his goal is to make sure any interested voters understand how the process works…“You can look at the equipment….I can walk you through the process from beginning to end of the elections. Whatever you want to do really, whatever you want to know. It’s all public information and really everything we do is public information.”

The election open houses are scheduled for the 18th at the Miller County Courthouse in Tuscumbia, the 24th at the Community  Center in Eldon and on the 25th at Heritage Elementary in Lake Ozark.

All three will begin at 6:00.