Miller County Votes To Approve 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance

Local News Politics Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Another Lake Area county is serving notice the Second Amendment will be protected.

Now Miller County’s making the same statement made earlier this year by Camden and Benton Counties.

“It’s good when multiple counties start doing this. It sorta gets the word to Jefferson City that it’s something the whole state wants, not just us” says County Clerk Clinton Jenkins.

He tells KRMS News the Gun Sanctuary topic is nothing new for Miller County.

“We actually started the ball about a year ago. We were actually wanted to be the first county, but we just don’t have the resources that Camden County did.”

Jenkins says the proposal is not intended to create an expansion of gun laws, but to protect gun ownership rights that already exist.

The proposal was passed unanimously by Commissioners Tom Wright, Don Abbett and Travis Lawson.

More than 25 area residents were attendance for the vote.

Local News Politics Saturday, March 6th, 2021

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