Missouri Farmers Getting Hit Hard By COVID 19

Local News Monday, April 6th, 2020

The battle over COVID 19 weighing heavily on Missouri Farmers.

With the state’s new Stay at Home restrictions and social distancing, they’re finding it challenging to get the corn planting season underway and continue interaction with their sales representatives.

The Farm Bureau says farmers simply cannot hit the pause button and hold off until summer to plant, as there isn’t enough time for the crop to grow.

With that, the University of Missouri Extension has come up with several ways to stay safe and continue operations…

They are recommending reducing the number of people using all machines and automobiles, as well as sanitizing all points of contact like steering wheels, seats and gas tank covers.

They also say to make it easier for workers to keep their hands clean throughout the day, farmers can set up plenty of hand washing stations with soap and paper towels throughout the farm.

For the time being, they’re also discouraging having children ride-along in tractor cabs and pickup trucks.

Local News Monday, April 6th, 2020

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