In the future, you may find mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics at festivals, churches and other Lake Area events.

It’s part of a Biden Administration plan to increase participation in the COVID shots.

The campaign will also include ‘door-to-door’ visits in numerous neighborhoods to encourage people to take the shot.

The vaccination campaign could appear where you work or maybe at your primary care doctor’s office.

Right now, around 32-percent of Camden County has taken one of the COVID formulas. Numbers show vaccination rates of around 21-percent in Miller County and just over 26-percent in Morgan County.

Governor Mike Parson says on Facebook he’s told Missouri health officials to advise the Fed that going door-to-door to solicit COVID vaccines won’t be effective or welcomed.

Parson acknowledges that he and his wife have taken the shot and that options for the vaccine are convenient and abundant for those 12 and up who may want it.