Missouri Looks To Join Over 20 States That Wish To Do Away With Daylight Savings Time

Business Local News State News Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

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There’s a group of states that want to stop changing the clock twice per year, and Missouri is one of them.

There’s a bill with strong support moving through the state capitol.

“The group of States would all together be on Permanent Daylight savings time, which is the time we’re on right now” says State representative Chris Sander, “there’s 23 other states and territories that want to stop time change twice a year, so instead of every state doing their own thing…there would be a group of states saying they want to stop the time change.”

Sander tells KRMS News Missouri would become the 24th state in the Daylight Savings Time pact and that supporters point to a boost in the economy with people doing more during longer days and also a savings on utilities “with more daylight in the evening, it would help the economy with more people out and about to do shopping, eat at restaurants…maybe ride a motorcycle.”

But there are some who disagree with permanent Daylight Savings Time “some opponents say they would lose minutes of daylight. Others say what about children at bus stops, since it may be darker later in the morning.”

Sander says local school districts could make changes to their scheduled start times if they wanted to.

The bill now heads to the state senate for a vote.

Business Local News State News Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

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