Medicaid expansion is a done deal in Missouri.

Voters passing the Amendment 2 measure 53 to 47 %, the majority of the yes votes coming from areas like St. Louis and Kansas City.

The Lake area overwhelming voted no on the measure.

What it means for Missourians is adults ages 19 to 65 who’s income is at or below 138% of the federal poverty level, or just over $17,000 for an individual and $36,000 for a household of four, can now be covered by the program.

The federal government currently covers 65% of all Medicaid costs, with the remaining dollars coming from the state, but with the expansion the federal side will now cover 90% and leave only 10% for the state.

Officials estimate as many as 250,000 adults will now be covered when the program takes effect in July of 2021.