The history books may not put that much of an emphasis on it, but the Show-Me State has played a pretty significant role in the history of the U-S.

That’s according to History Professor Jim Paisley.

Paisley says you don’t need to look any further back than the early 1800’s to realize it was a key time in the history of the U-S “Think about it, Missouri was a jumping off point for traveling out west…All the incidents that took place leading up to the civil war, with Dread Scott and the Missouri Compromise…all these things tie back to Missouri.”

Paisley also says there is no shortage of well-known names that are connected through history with Missouri “When you look back at some of the fascinating people that came out of Missouri….Harry Truman, Walt Disney…the list goes on and on and on of just fascinating individuals who came here to Missouri and made a difference.”

Missouri was 24th state in the Union and celebrated its 200th birthday Bicentennial on Tuesday.

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