All 34 Missouri Senate seats are full as the 2022 session gets underway.

As with any session, there are dozens of priorities lawmakers want to tackle before the middle of May.

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz of Sullivan says he does not believe we have heard the last on Medicaid…“But I still think we need to do some reforms, there’s things we can do to improve that system. And we need to make sure it’s a viable system, because it is one of the largest growing areas of the budget and costs continue to run up.”

Expanding Medicaid in the Show-Me State proved to be a big part of last year’s session.

Missouri Senate Minority Floor Leader John Rizzo of Kansas City says the legal side of Medicaid expansion in Missouri has been handled…“If in fact, the majority wants to play games with funding or whatever it might be…I would imagine that would be a quick injunction and the courts will force the legislator to pay.”

Already, 396 Senate bills and 17 Senate Joint Resolutions have been pre-filed.

The 2022 regular legislative session runs through May 13.


****Story courtesy of the Missouri Senate Communications Team and reporter Dean Morgan.