The Missouri Supreme Court is set to hear arguments today on whether or not the State’s new gun law, preventing law enforcement agencies from enforcing federal gun laws, is constitutional.

Two Missouri cities have filed lawsuits against the State regarding the new law, but those suits were denied by a lower court judge. Those cities have filed appeals to that decision, and are awaiting court review.

In June 2021, Governor Parson and Missouri Republicans passed a new law, which they say prevents Missourians’ right to bear arms under the Second Amendment from being infringed. 

Missouri House Bill 85, which established the Second Amendment Protection Act, declares federal gun laws that would restrict the ownership of guns by law-abiding citizens to be unconstitutional. The act garnered mixed responses from law enforcement agencies across the state, who face fines of up to $50,000 for enforcing the federal gun law.


Photo by: The Missouri Times, 2021.