Missouri voters will face Amendment 5 on the November Ballot which asks if the state National Guard should become a department of its own, and Nick Humphrey of the National Guard Association in the state says the group hopes voters will say yes.

Speaking on the Morning Magazine, Humphrey says the department has long been part of the state’s Public Safety Department but he says times have changed…“The Missouri National Guard, Like Many National Guards, has been activated ever since 9/11. Ever since then, there has been a National Guard somewhere protecting our nation. And so really the force has changed a lot, and because of that…48 other states have already moved their National Guard directly under the State Commander and Chief….which is the Governor, and Missouri and Massachusetts are the only two left that haven’t done that.”

Humphrey says there are other good reasons to make it a department of its own…“Missouri is the only National Guard in the United States that has a mission to deliver nuclear weapons if asked. So as you can see, with that as an example….there are a lot of reasons to have our state military answering directly to the Commander and Chief and not under some bureaucratic agency.”

He says funding-wise it would be a wash….neither costing more or less than it currently does.