With last week’s head-on collision in Camden County that killed two people, the State Highway Patrol’s Troop-F has recorded 61 road fatalities since the year began.

And a MO-DOT safety engineer says it points to how important the department’s strategic safety plan is.

The plan is called Show Me Zero as it aims to drive the state to zero highway deaths by 2025, and MO-DOT’s Nicole Hood says the 42 page booklet which details that strategy is designed not just for experts but for all Missouri residents…

“If you picked up this plan, everyone in Missouri could find a strategy in here to help drive Missouri to zero roadway deaths. So, it’s certainly not one solution that can fix it all….it’s that comprehensive approach and ultimately our success is going to be dependent upon everyone’s willingness to take responsibility in using our transportation systems safely.”

Hood says the booklet is readily available.

During her recent visit to Morning Magazine on KRMS she directed those interested to http://SaveMoLives.Com.