A resurfacing project will be impacting traffic in Eldon starting the middle of next week.

MO-DOT’S Danny Roeger says it will impact Highway 52 during nighttime hours…“So we are resurfacing from the south interchange at 52/54, north heading into town. And then of course Biz 54 from that northern interchange, that J turn for where Doyle Road and FF is at…and then all the way back towards Eldon and up towards route Y along 52. And then of course up CC up towards the high school, and then north of the high school is complete already. So all of the impacts are going to be in town and at night.”

Roeger spoke on Monday’s Ozarks This Morning and he will also visit KRMS on Wednesday’s Morning Magazine to discuss MO-DOT’S strategic safety plan called Show Me None, which aims to reduce traffic fatalities which have been rising across the state.