The first real winter-weather storm of the young season gives MoDOT a chance to assess how its response played out in the lake area and beyond.

Central District Area Engineer Bob Lynch says the lighter-than-expected event gave the district a good chance to re-allocate personnel to areas hit harder than others…“Here locally, some of our local crews went up to Jefferson City and some of their crews went up to Columbia and so on. So, instead of moving people hundreds of miles, we kinda shift them over a bit. It just depends on the situation.”

Lynch also tells KRMS News, despite the colder temperatures, the department’s chemicals that were spread worked the way they are expected to to…“As soon as the sun came out, and as soon as our material was able to get activated with that sunlight…things cleared up pretty quick.”

MoDOT was also able to take advantage of some on-the-job training for newer personnel during the event which ended up not being as bad as initial forecasts.