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We are finding our more about the damage done forcing the closing of a Miller County Bridge.

The Mill Creek Bridge, more affectionately referred to as the “Little Swinging Bridge,” was closed early this week after county employees noticed that the bridge was, apparently, damaged.

A closer inspection, according to Presiding Commissioner Tom Wright, says the main damage was in the area of some metal plates which play a role in supporting the structure “A couple of them are broken. It’s right where some of the beams bolt together underneath. It wasn’t in any danger of a car going through it or anything, but the damage did enough that we don’t want traffic to cross it.”

Total cost of repairing the bridge will be kept to a minimum with county crews performing the work.

It’s hoped that the repairs can be finished within the next week.

Wright also says it’s likely some cables for the bridge were struck but very unlikely the county will find out who’s responsible for it “We don’t know who did it, and they never volunteer information to let us know who did it and that kind of stuff.”