We have more details on an alleged domestic assault involving Linn Creek Police Chief Greg Berry. According to the sworn statement provided by the investigating officer from the Highway Patrol, the patrol was called to Lake Regional October 11th in reference to a patient they had seen the day before. That patient was Berry’s wife. Hospital staff says she told them she had been “grabbed” by Berry during a dispute at their home. An ambulance was called to the home, where she told paramedics she had been thrown into the baby’s crib, grabbed forcefully, and handcuffed. The report also says that Berry admitted to investigators that a physical disturbance had occurred, that he put his hands on his wife, and likely left bruises. During another interview with patrol, the victim told them she had been pushed against a wall. The investigator observed fingerprint bruises on her upper arm. It’s also alleged that Berry admitted to restraining his wife on previous occasions. Berry has been charged with fourth-degree domestic assault.