We’re learning more about the new Sports and Expo Arena being planned for the Lake Area by the Foster Family.

Chris Foster tells KRMS News they’ve already met with the Camden County Commission, garnering a 2-to-1 yes vote on a Tax Increment Financing Plan to build the project across the cove from Margaritaville “It’s more of a year round event space, it will be you know….hosting a lot of amateur sports tournaments. So, the indoor aspect and sports tournaments makes the difference from what your typically seeing at the Lake of the Ozarks.”

Foster says the project is receiving good reviews and their goal is to better employment opportunities for residents in the community “It has been well received from everyone we’ve spoken to. And that’s the thing, it would be more of an increase of in year-round local jobs.”

The complex and it’s two spiral hotels are being designed by Mashburn Development, who’ve worked with the Hammons Group and Bass Pro Shops on other projects in the Ozarks.

Osage Beach City Administrator Jeana Woods tells KRMS News they have not had any communications about the project from the developers yet, but are awaiting to get more details.

The project isn’t inside the city limits, but rather in un-incorporated Camden County, meaning it falls under the control of the County Commissioners.


***Editors note: Our previous story about the project indicated they had a unanimous vote by the commission. That information we received was incorrect and we made a correction to reflect the 1 no vote in the TIF approval. We apologize for this error and for any confusion this may have caused.