Camden County’s been notified by the Fed there’s money coming in the near future from the American Rescue Plan of 2021.

“Camden County is going to get a Ball Park $9 Million dollars from the Department of the Treasury to handle this ongoing health crisis that we have” says Presiding Camden County Commissioner Greg Hasty ,“since we received a direct guidance earlier this week, by e-mail from the Federal Government, I am anticipating that since they’re sending that out that sometime in the very near future we will be receiving those funds.”

He tells KRMS News guidelines for spending that money have been given to the Commission, and they’ll have a limited time to spend it “we’re going to have to be looking at water or sewer projects, or bridge projects…things that are “shovel ready” that are ready to go and we can spend money in those areas.”

Hasty says broadband infrastructure is also an area where some of the money can be spent.

He says the money has yet to arrive.

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