Camden County employees will start seeing a little more on their paychecks as the new year begins.

That’s according to Commissioner Don Williams who says, after going several years without raises, recent prosperity across the lake area will allow for a second straight year of employees in the admin building and the road and bridges department to receive a boost in their pay..”When I got in, we were aiming for giving them to get a $1 an hour raise every other year. And, with the last two years and things being so good, we went ahead and gave them a $1 an hour last year….and instead of waiting another year, we gave them another $1 an hour this year plus 50cents more. The Road and Bridge employees are getting $2 an hour.”

An increase in the state’s gasoline tax and subsequent CART funds being distributed to counties, statewide, will be a major source to cover the cost of the pay raises in Camden County.

All totaled, according to Williams, the raises will cost an estimated 900-thousand to one-million dollars.