More Voices Speaking Out On Laurie Police Shakeup

Crime Local News Politics Friday, July 24th, 2020

Another voice is speaking up on the shakeup within the Laurie Police Department.

Officer Jeffrey Brownlee spent about four months with the department, and the handling of former police chief Mark Black and former assistant police chief Angela Nickerson is among the reasons why.

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Brownlee also tells KRMS News other reserve officers in the Laurie P.D. refused to work after former chief Black and Nickerson were suspended.

Another officer left Laurie to work in Camden County.

Brownlee says the limited workforce created long hours.

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Bownlee also talks about video footage that shows Laurie Mayor Alan Kimberling and other city officials entering the police evidence room while Black and Nickerson were suspended.

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Mayor Kimberling says he was looking for evidence with the City Attorney and members of the board.

The City of Laurie says Black was retained after he was investigated, but Black says his job description changed, which included shifts beginning at midnight.

Assistant chief Nickerson was fired.

Nickerson is set to be a guest during today’s (Friday) Morning Magazine show with Kevin Burns.

Crime Local News Politics Friday, July 24th, 2020

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