Morgan School Board Stands Against CRT Teaching

Local News Politics School News Friday, December 24th, 2021

The Morgan County School Board is coming out against Critical Race Theory.

During their most recent meeting, the board addressed a resolution that was presented by a group of concerned citizens.

The group is calling for banning CRT in Morgan County schools.

The school board stated during the meeting as a collective statement, that CRT teaching will have “No Place” in the Morgan County School district or the community as a whole.

However, the board will not be adopting any resolutions to ban CRT at this time.

They say they believe in the school’s administration to hold the teaching to high standards and that any banning or resolutions to ban must come from the State to hold power and weight.

The board is encouraging the group of citizens to take the resolution to Jefferson City, to pursue the battle from a legislative process that would have an affect on all Lake Area school districts, rather than just Morgan County.

Local News Politics School News Friday, December 24th, 2021

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