Don’t look now…Mother Nature could be delivering another major winter blow to the lake area later this week.

Meteorologist Nick Carlyle, from the Weatherology Center, says Wednesday should start out as rain with temperatures expected to drop, maybe a thunderstorm or two, and then the change-over to snow during the overnight hours heading into Thursday…“Looks like, at least for the models I’m seeing right now, we could potentially see between 2 to 4 inches of snowfall, with locally higher amounts possible.”

Carlyle also says, however, just a small shift in the system could mean an entirely different story…one way or the other…for the lake area…“So a little bit of a budge off to the South, we’re going to get an even heavier amount of snowfall…but if it budges off to the North, we’re not going to get any snowfall at all.”

KRMS will continue to follow the changing weather conditions and provide you with the latest information as it comes in.