Mothers Brewing Recalls Hard Seltzer Drinks

Local News Friday, May 1st, 2020

Mother’s Brewing company is recalling their recent batch of Ready Hard Seltzer.

The Springfield based company says the recall has nothing to do with any health concerns or mis-labeling, but rather the brew didn’t measure up after the canning line.

Officials say the flavor seemed to change once it sat on shelves for a period of time.

The company says they’re destroying all current stock and will halt production until they determine what went wrong.


Here’s the official word from their Facebook page:


Lovers, your Mother’s shares the following with a heavy heart: we are recalling our Ready Hard Seltzer. After months of research, trial brews, evaluations and reformulations, our seltzer was drinking like a dream fresh off the canning line. We couldn’t wait to share it with you. But through quality assurance evaluation, we discovered that the flavor of our Ready Hard Seltzer is changing as it sits in packaging. And not in a good way. We are no longer happy with the quality of liquid that has been sitting on shelves in your stores. We are recalling and destroying all current stock and have decided to halt production until we can figure out what is causing this flavor change. We pride ourselves on quality. And you deserve it.

There is no health risk to any of our Ready Hard Seltzer liquid. This recall is a quality issue, not a safety issue. One beauty of alcoholic beverages is that they cannot harbor dangerous pathogens!

We take some consolation in the fact that such drastic measures are extremely rare in our 10 year history. Make no mistake: we’ve got an ace crew and are supremely confident that we will identify where we went wrong. And we will correct it. For good. The next batch of Ready Hard Seltzer we release will leave you every bit as tingly and weak in the knees as that first can you tried.

So there you have it. While this development may slow our seltzer roll and is deeply mortifying, Mother’s lovers deserve nothing less than the unvarnished truth. A new product, particularly one requiring new ingredients, yeast, and processes is always a learning experience. And a learning experience is a growing experience. We’re already knee-deep in examining our process and we’ll crack the shelf stability code and have you sipping or slamming a badass seltzer in no time. We thank you for your understanding, patience, and support while we get our Seltzer groove back. We hope that you will continue to trust in our product and know that your enjoyment is top of mind for us.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. We are here to help and to ease your mind. We will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Local News Friday, May 1st, 2020

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