Labor Day coming up Monday and the Missouri State Highway Patrol is getting ready.

“We’re advising people…if you have a destination you need to be at, leave with enough time…trying to speed through traffic, you’re not going to save much time at all and you’re going to increase the risk of a crash” says Corporal Kyle Green with the Patrol.

He tells KRMS News Troopers will be watching for drunk drivers on the roads “one of biggest problems you have when you have increased traffic on the roadways is road rage itself….you know you got someone cuts you off, or is tailgating you and things like that and you never know these days what people may do with retaliation. So, just let them go down the road…go about your own way…and if it becomes a bigger issue, just contact *55 and that will put you in connection with the highway patrol.”

The Patrol will also be out on the water as well

“We have 14 full time trooper spots at the Lake of the Ozarks. Every now and then we’ll even bring in other Troopers that work different waterways within Troop F, like we did for the Shootout” says Trooper Brian Geier.

He tells KRMS the importance of wearing a life jacket while on a boat or even near a dock “in almost every drowning we’ve dealt with here at the lake, no one is wearing a life jacket. Someone goes down to the dock…to do whatever, fish, swim or drink…we see a lot of alcohol consumption here during these kind of weekends and those sorta things don’t mix too well.”

The Patrol reports five drowning deaths on Lake of the Ozarks for the month of August, and each person who drowned was not wearing a lifejacket.