Murder Charges Filed – Two Others Arrested In Death Of Dennis Born

Crime Local News Saturday, March 6th, 2021

A Camdenton man wanted for questioning in the death of Dennis Born is now facing a charge of Second-Degree murder.

31-year-old Timothy Cole Evans was arrested Thursday after Born’s missing pickup truck was recovered Wednesday.

“I was thrilled that a suspect is arrested, so I knew it was going in the right direction and that something was going to be found out one way or another because people always talk…especially when they’re pressured” says Dyani Born, daughter of Dennis.

Court records show Evans is accused of injecting Fentanyl into in Born’s neck.

As far as the 2nd degree murder charge, Born’s daughter thinks it’s not right…“It’s not enough. It’s first degree. And I hope that they can prove that it is first degree. He did not do this to himself.”

Two others, 31-year-old Felix Knight and 28-year-old Adrienne Edington were also taken into custody in connection to the murder.

A probable cause statement indicates that Knight was with Evans at the time of Born’s death and that Edington was involved by giving safe harbor to Knight and Evans at her home in Camelot Estates.

Dyani Born says she’s thankful that the surveillance cameras were able to capture everything that happened in the case…“People forget that they’re always on security camera, or if they type something it’s recorded and their tracked on their cell phones. They always forget that.”

Residents reported to KRMS on Thursday seeing helicopters and numerous police officers in that area during the afternoon.

This remains a developing story and we’ll continue to bring you the latest information as it comes in.

Crime Local News Saturday, March 6th, 2021

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