Name Of Person Killed In I-44 Massive Wreck Released

Local News Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Photo Courtesy of MODOT.

We now know the name of the person who died during a massive crash on Interstate 44 in Waynesville yesterday (Tuesday).

The Highway Patrol says 54-year-old Jimme Stackpoll of Sparta Missouri was in one of the 4 semi-trucks, along with a Ford Pickup Truck, that collided on the highway.

Officials say one of the semi-trucks involved was attempting to avoid an incident with another vehicle on the highway, but while trying to slow down that driver was hit by another Semi-truck driver, who then caused Stackpoll to Jack Knife and slam into the other trucks.

Stackpoll was transferred to a Lebanon hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

It took several hours to re-open the highway because one of the semi-trucks was carrying pudding, which spilled out onto the roadway.

Local News Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

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