snowy road during daytime

The winter weather is back in the lake area.
Ice and Sleet already affected some areas around Osage Beach and officials with the National Weather Service in Springfield say the system isn’t done yet.

“We’re really not expecting too much more of a glaze and then that is eventually going to kind of switch over to snow fall, anywhere between one to three inches. We’re expecting that to kind of persist today into this evening.”

Meteorologist Shelby Swartz says even when the system finishes, you’ll need to be cautious if you plan to drive.

“If you absolutely have to go out, make sure you are aware of those around you. You definitely want to keep distance from other cars, take it slow, bridges can ice over more quickly than other roads. Just be aware and stay safe.”

Swartz says highs tomorrow will be in the 40s so a majority of the snow and ice may actually melt by the weekend.