Lake of the Ozarks has the only island in the Midwest region of the United States, and there’s a new project in the works.

‘The Reserve at Isla Del Sol’ is being built right now, and that means more condos popping up in addition to the ones already there.

“Before they started this project, we had 88 parking spaces for 90 units. The guy who’s putting the condo up claims he’s going to add 125 parking spaces, but that’s not even close to being enough” says Resident Chris Krise.

He tells KRMS News he’s not sure if water and sewer infrastructure on the island sustain the 125-unit expansion and that this project has he and his wife planning to live elsewhere “they’re going to ruin this for people who actually want to live here. You want to make it a party destination on the weekends? I’m sure it will be fine. But as far as people who want to live here, like myself….they’ve ruined it.”

According to ‘The Reserve at Isla Del Sol’ website, additional docks, swimming pools and a dog park are also planned for the expansion.

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