New Winery Could Soon Come To The Lake Ozark Strip

Business Local News Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

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There’s a plan being put together in Lake Ozark that might bring a winery to The Strip.

“We have got a developer, who has brought the to the table the idea of  creating a winery here in town. This would be service, to the growing of the grapes to the bottling, in addition to a retail location here in the city limits as well. This project has had to go through a few additional steps, as compared to other developers in the past. We’ve had to amend our zoning code to allow for full service commercial wineries to exist here, where growing and manufacturing can both be considered a part of that as a mixed use.”

Assistant City Administrator Harrison Fry tells KRMS News the winery would located near Tomahawk Motel and Rainbow Academy on Bagnell Dam Boulevard.

“They still have to get their site plan approved, but as of present they have gone through the procurement of the land and other additional steps that show they are doing everything by the book. So, the next step for them is to bring a site plan before the planning and zoning commission. They were not able to get it in for the February meeting, however they feel confident they will be able to get that in for approval for the March date. The board meets on the first Wednesday of every month.”

Fry also says the project is unique and if plans move forward the winery could trigger other development in Lake Ozark.

Business Local News Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

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