The Camden County Commission is reporting there’s no asbestos risk in the Hugh Phillips Annex of the County Courthouse.

The Missouri DNR now says the building’s in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations after a previous inspection done earlier this year.

“The was a different between the inspection done by Mr. Rick Bryant and the inspection that I did” says environmental specialist Roderick Manuzon with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

He tells KRMS News his inspection centered around whether or not previous renovations of the building released asbestos “previously they renovated the facility. The removed some carpet and added some walls, they also renovated some toilets. So those were the things that I checked.”

The Bryant inspection did find asbestos in the building, but Manuzon says those areas were not affected by the renovations.

“I think we were there three different times, found 11 areas that contained asbestos…but these were non-friable asbestos, meaning they do not have to be removed” says Inspector Rick Bryant.

He tells KRMS News he did recommend they remove it none-the-less “when you have asbestos present, there’s always a risk. There’s not necessarily, as I explained to everyone involved, an immediate risk for everyone involved…because it’s in basement and it’s non-friable. But it’s absolutely IMPERATIVE that people understand they’re NOT to disturb it. You can’t hit it, bang it…you can’t make it friable!”

The estimated cost of removing the non-friable asbestos is around $6-thousand dollars, according to Bryant.

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