closeup photo of gavel
closeup photo of gavel
Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

The number of murder cases filed in the Lake Area continues to dwindle with, at least, four of the defendants no longer facing charges.

The most recent, Thomas Capps of Stover, was found not guilty in late May of first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Capps had been accused of staging a home invasion, reportedly, as a defense for his son to cover for allegedly shooting Ronald Salmons back in 2015.

Christine Zahn, of the Camdenton area, was also found not guilty by a jury back in March on the same charges after, allegedly, shooting her on-again-off-again boyfriend back in 2018.

Two other Lake Area residents, Tabatha Carter and Larry Matthews, had murder charges filed against them dropped before their trials could begin.

There are five other murder cases plus another four cases of involuntary manslaughter for drug-related deaths which do continue progressing through the courtrooms.