A larger than usual crowd is expected at Lake Ozark for tonight’s Board Meeting, as division continues between the Board and newly elected Mayor Dennis Newberry.

I have rumors saying that the Mayor is going to stuff the room full of people to scold the board, on our spending $22,000 to acquire the individual (Harrison Fry) for the Administrative position” says Mayor Pro Tem Pat Thompson, “I’m a little considered with what some of the residents will have to say. But then on the other hand, I am sure the Mayor will be concerned if the people are here supporting us. All you can do is sit and listen, and hope for the best.”

Mayor Pro Tem Pat Thompson tell KRMS News the Board is willing to work with the new Mayor, but some members don’t think Newberry wants to work with them “Mr. Newberry is new to politics. I’ve never seen him at a board meeting, I’ve never seen him on a commission, I’ve never seen him on a committee, I’m sure he doesn’t know all the statutes all the ordinances.”

Alderman Vernon Jaycox called a special session last week to discuss an already established personnel transition, but the new mayor wouldn’t take part “I just wish we could all work together. When we work together, we’re working for the residents of Lake Ozark. We’re not working for us.”

Tonight’s meeting begins at 6 pm at Lake Ozark City Hall.

Thompson says the public comment period will be early on.

BOA 7-27-21-compressed