Officials have released the name of one person who’s been charged in this shooting.

Accoridng to a report, The Miller County prosecutor is charging Tonka Way-Con Ponder of Hickory County with first-degree assault and armed criminal action.

The probable cause statement filed in Ponder’s case says investigators found surveillance video showing a shooting victim identified as B.C. was in a fight outside the bar, when he pulled a gun on Ponder.

Apparently Ponder was fighting with another person at the time, and he preceded to draw his weapon and shoot B.C., who died at the scene.

Ponder and another person identified only as D.K. were also shot in the shootout, both falling to the ground.

The same video also shows Ponder reloading whilw wounded on the front desk of the bar, then firing at a man walking by with his hands up in the air….later identified as T.C.


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The City of Lake Ozark is reporting one death after a Thursday night shooting on the Bagnell Dam Strip near Casablanca.

One eyewitness near the scene tells KRMS News the first gunshots were mistaken by some as fireworks being set off “We were at the Brickhouse and something sounded like fireworks were going off. A lot of people were scared, they thought it was a shooting outside…but most thought nah, that’s Fireworks” says Travis Higginbotham, “the second round went off and then it was obvious that it was an actual shooting. So we got down, and kind of hid behind a brick for a little while. Once we got up, you could see there were bodies laying around. You couldn’t tell which ones at that point, because they just shown up and the cops were all around.”

As many as four other people were hurt during the shooting that happened during a Bike Night event on the Strip.


City officials released this statement later in the evening:

One male is confirmed dead and four other individuals were injured by gunfire in a shooting about 8 p.m. tonight, Thursday, near Casablanca on The Strip in Lake Ozark.

State investigators have been called in to assist Lake Ozark Police and multiple law enforcement agencies.

Several suspects have been detained as part of the investigation. The shooting is believed to be gang related, and officials say the public should not be concerned about their safety.

The names of the deceased, the injured and the suspects have not been released pending further investigation.

Lake Ozark officials were quick to note that this isolated incident is not the norm for the community.

More information will be released as the investigation develops.


According to witnesses at the scene, the fight was between two gangs and it’s unconfirmed, but one of the gang leaders may have been killed in the shootout.

Lake Ozark Police are now on high alert ahead of Bike Week, as they worry there could be retaliation for this incident.

Police were on the scene within seconds because a number of officers from across the state happened to be in town for a police convention, and were having dinner at a restaurant across the street.

We’ll pass along further details as they become available on News / Talk KRMS.

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