One Woman Is Dead And Numerous Others Injured In Late Night Boat Crash

Local News Saturday, July 25th, 2020

A woman is dead and multiple others are hospitalized following a boat crash on Lake of the Ozarks

The Highway Patrol’s water division says it happened at the 18-Mile mark of the Main channel Saturday morning just after midnight, when a 2005 Formula was that traveling upstream struck a 1995 Sea Ray that was going downstream.

The collision destroyed the Formula boat, causing one person to be ejected, 2 people to be seriously injured and 2 others to receive minor injuries.

The majority of the injured where flown to University Hospital in Columbia, including 43-year-old Brad Steinkuehler and a 13 year old minor both from High Ridge, MO. 42-year-old Scott Comia of O’Fallon, MO and 43-year-old Jason Ashby of Eureka, MO were transferred to Lake Regional.

42-year-old Dawn Stienkuehler of High Ridge, MO was pronounced dead at the scene and was taken to Allee Holman Howe Funeral home.

The driver of the Sea Ray, 52-year-old John Bennett of Ne Haven, MO was not injured and is now facing 3 BWI Charges.

Local News Saturday, July 25th, 2020

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