It’s not too much of a surprise but the 2021 call load was up compared to 2020 for the Osage Beach Fire District.

Numbers published on social media show a total of 2,151 calls responded to in 2021 compared to 1,917 during 2020…an increase of 234 calls or about 12-percent.

Chief Paul Berardi says that he has no reason to believe that the trend of an increased call load will not continue in 2022.


***More info:

December 2021 Incident Response Summary
During December, 2021, the Osage Beach Fire Protection District/ OBFPD responded to 183 incidents. The breakdown for the 183 incidents is as follows:
123 EMS Calls
3 Structure Fires
9 Brush Fires
8 Motor Vehicle Accidents
1 Hazmat Call
3 Outside Waste Fires
3 Automatic Alarms
1 Outside Agency Assist/Moveup
8 Cancelled Enroute
3 Power Line Down
21 Hazardous Condition (No Fire)
For the incidents of December, 2021 this averages 5.9 calls per day. There were a total of 20 overlapping incidents meaning more than 1 incident was happening at the same time. OBFPD covers 105 square miles out of 2 manned fire station 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The average response time in December, 2021 was 8 minutes 12 seconds.
This same time period in 2020, OBFPD responded to 150 incidents for the month of December and 1,917 incidents for the year of 2020. Currently, in 2021 OBFPD has responded to 2,151 incidents. Compared to 2020 from January, 1 – December, 31; we are 234 calls for service higher than the previous year.