It’s round 2 for the Osage Beach Fire Protection District as they try for a second time to get a sales tax increase approved by voters.

In August, the district will be asking residents to approve a levy proposal for the special election to help fund the district.

The issue on the ballot was approved back in May and it asks residents to approve a ½ cent retail sales tax to provide funding for the district’s operations, equipment and facility maintenance.

District officials say in a release that if approved, this tax will reduce residents’ property tax obligations by equal amounts of fifty percent of the revenue collected from the prior year’s revenue.

It’s estimated the sales tax could bring in around $3.5 million, of which 50% would be returned to the residents…. resulting in the district receiving $1.75 Million, matching the losses they experienced in the 2021 budget.

The last time the district asked for a sales tax increase was November, but the residents voted it down.