Police in Osage Beach are reporting no DWI arrests in the city over the Fourth of July holiday.

And more people in the Lake Area using transportation apps and taxicabs is getting some of the credit.

“I think that actually helps us out a lot. Especially on the weekends, I see a lot more Ubers and Taxicabs out there than we use to see. I think that’s sorta becoming the trend” says Police Chief Todd Davis, “overall it was a typical holiday weekend here for us at the Lake. We had a lot of people in town and we didn’t have, what I would call, major incidents for us.”

He says people might be realizing their money could be better spent elsewhere “people are a little bit smarter now…they don’t want to spend that money on fines, attorneys…everything else.”

Chief Davis says the cost of dealing with a DWI charge will reach thousands of dollars and it’ll also impact your ability to drive.

He also says getting a ride from someone who’s sober cuts down on accidents police have to respond to during the busiest time of the year in Lake of the Ozarks.

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