The Osage Beach Fire Protection District Board of Directors is approving a special election for November.

Voters will be considering two issues, one of them being the implementation of an Advance Life Support EMS Division via levy increase.

“Our paramedics would be able to do any function, with the same scope of setup, that any personell could do on an ambulance. The only thing we wouldn’t be able to do is transport” says Paul Berardi, Chief of the Osage Beach Fire Protection District.

He tells KRMS News an ALS Division will help take pressure off of other first responders while offering the ability to handle overdoses and pain medication.

A second ballot measure will be asking Osage Beach voters to approve the relocation and replacement of Fire Station Number One, a facility Berardi says is too old and too far removed from where more calls are coming from “Fire station # 1 was built in 1986. It’s been an excellent station and it’s served the district very well, but quite frankly it’s just too small and doesn’t meet modern code or modern standards of current fire stations.”

If approved, the Fire Station will cost property owners about $14 dollars per year on a $100-thousand dollar valuation over 20 years.

The EMS Division will run about $28 dollars per year on the same $100-thousand dollar valuation, but this would not expire.