Osage Beach is reporting an increase in sales tax collections as summer winds down.

“We’re about 22 1/2%, we’re about 18% up from where we foretasted, so expected a little growth just because of the activity from 2020” says Jenna Woods, City Administrator in Osage Beach,
“That has everything to do with people shopping, activities and events and everything that happened within our city limits. We had a great summer…lot of tourists, a large influx of people.”

She tells KRMS News plans are being made right now for next year’s budget “End of October, maybe early November at the latest…we meet with the board of alderman in several public workshops, which are public meetings, and we present our requests to the board and hopefully we have our budget requests answered by December…so that we can start January 1 with a new budget.”

Woods also says Osage Beach is in line for more than $900-thousand dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act “Part of that act includes relief funds for a lot of jurisdictions. The act outlines that we will get half of the finds when the state first distributes it, and the other half will come 12 months after that.”

Woods was interviewed by Christian Blood on the KRMS Morning Magazine.