UPDATE: Missing Pig Owners Found – Pig Reunited!

All News Friday, December 4th, 2020

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A lost pig in the Lake Area is now back home, but not without the help of a few people in Kaiser who took care of the pig until owners came forward.

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But Shawna Marshall tells KRMS News Mrs. Piggy wasn’t happy about getting into the car and there was some squealing before that was done.

KRMS News took the call about the missing pig Wednesday morning.

Marshall was interviewed by Christian Blood on ‘The Ozarks Today.’



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Someone’s pet pig has yet to make it home in the Kaiser area.

KRMS took phone calls Wednesday and Thursday about the pig on the loose, that’s when a woman called saying she’s now caring for the piggy.

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Shawna Marshall lives in the area and she thinks the pig’s been cared for by another woman because the pig responds well to her.

The pig seems to respond to the name Arnold, but it has no identification other than being a Black Pig with White Stripes.

The first calls into KRMS reported the pig was seen in the area of D Road behind Lowe’s.

You can contact us at KRMS for more details 573-348-2772

All News Friday, December 4th, 2020

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