Photo courtesy of the Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association.

It might be another busy summer on the water in Lake of the Ozarks this year.

New numbers show a 13-percent increase in attendance at the Overland Park Boat Show.

“We had one of our highest attended shows probably since the last decade for sure, you got to go back to the mid-2000’s to get to this type of numbers. Very happy with it.”

Mike Kenagy with the Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association.

He tells KRMS News more than 84-hundred people walked through the doors of last week’s show, and that included close to 600 kids.

Kenagy says there may still be a shortage of boats this year, but he also says dealers are working to fill the pipeline as quickly as possible.

“It’s gonna be a tight market for a little while longer while the manufactures catch up, but all parties are working hard to fill that void and get that supply chain back in shape.”

The next boat show takes place in the St. Louis area, hosted at the St. Charles Convention Center on March 4th through the 7th.